References of implantations with IOCarnicas for Microsoft Dynamics Nav

A significant number of large companies in the meat and sausage sector are already using the IOCárnicas comprehensive solution for meat management and control of the traceability of their products.

IOCárnicas was not born by chance or in a random place.
The Catalan northeast (province of Girona) has an important hub of meat producing companies, with very high production levels, and that export throughout Europe and other parts of the world.

IOCárnicas also originated in the same place, and its history is closely linked to many of these companies, along with its expansion and growth. Today, it is one of the largest meat producing hubs in the world.
We have plenty of references and success stories that support us, also outside our territory.

Choosing IOCárnicas for the management of a meat company is a double safe bet; for the long experience and knowledge in the sector of our parent company, Inforolot, as well as for the reliability of Microsoft and its Dynamics.
You can also experience your own expansion and modernization so that your products reach the whole world.


If you want more information about the success stories of IOCárnica implementations for Microsoft Dynamics NAV, do not hesitate to contact a distributor.

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