Slaughterhouse management software

IOCarnicas is a slaughterhouse management software developed based on more than 30 years of experience in the sector. Several installations in production have made our management software continuously evolve. Based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV™️, a technological platform in continuous growth.

ERP functionalities for slaughterhouse management

The main functionalities of our ERP for the management of slaughterhouses are the control of the processes in real time, and the transfer of all the information to a SINGLE database. This makes it possible to centralize the control of the slaughterhouse, and to be able to continuously dispose of the deviations compared to the cost evaluations, production costs and control of processes that are being carried out in the meat production plant.

Our software for the management of slaughterhouses ensures profitability, efficiency and control of industrial processes, essential today in any meat company. The IOCárnicas ERP combines the application of legal regulations, with exhaustive cost control, the automation of the slaughter and cutting processes, and the recording of all the information during the different processes.

The ERP software for slaughterhouses complies with traceability and the different regulations in this type of business. With our ERP management system we manage to identify the animal from the origin. In this way we have information on the consumption of products on the farm, veterinary controls, transport and reception at the plant, live or in the carcass.

ERP Software for Slaughterhouse Management


In the operations of the register of entries of a slaughterhouse, it is essential to identify the animals one by one, live or carcass. In the case of cattle, our IOCarnicas software plans to record the animal’s ear tag. This includes all the information, origin, farm and traceability. In other animals such as pigs, goats or poultry, the control that our management software for slaughterhouses supports can be unitary or by batches.

Management for slaughterhouses integrates traceability in both directions throughout the process: It begins with the animal’s entry record and ends with the dispatch of the processed product.


Every slaughter process in a slaughterhouse must meet a series of requirements regulated by law, for the welfare of the animals. In addition, it also meets quality standards and meat control, which will be different depending on each species. All this included in our IOCárnicas software for slaughterhouse management.

One of the features of our ERP for slaughterhouses is the different possibilities of cutting during slaughter. It is chosen depending on each species (cattle, pigs, goats or birds) and the needs of the company. This allows us to undo the sacrificed animal in different options or cost evaluations.

Our meat software also allows the identification of the animal. It is done through a meat marking system, or labeling of processed meat products, until dispatch.



The work areas in any meat industry, dedicated to the treatment of animal slaughter, must be able to be controlled independently. Our management software for slaughterhouses allows you to manage the areas one by one.

Among the different work areas in a slaughterhouse we can contemplate:

  • Live animal areas: reception dock, stables, stables, chutes, etc.
  • Sacrifice spaces: bleeding zone, dirty zone, clean zone, etc.
  • Cold areas: cold rooms, shipping docks, etc.

All of them controlled in our ERP for the management of slaughterhouses.


As improvements in the latest version of IOCárnicas for slaughterhouses (in production), there are the following features:

  • Control of operators and resources: Tool for entry of times of operators and various resources.
  • Incident control: Incident input and recording system, for subsequent analysis and control.

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Our slaughterhouse management software incorporates a series of professional modules that perfectly cover the specific needs of meat management. All of them make our IOCárnicas software one of the most complete management programs.

Data analysis and business control

The data analysis module of our meat management software provides a complete vision of the company and allows knowing and understanding the business to make better business decisions. This module, implemented in the sausage management, helps to identify weak points, correct and warn of unforeseen events that your company may have.

Radio frequency (RFID)

Radiofrequency technology (RFID) is also available in a module; in the management of sausages, it allows complete identification, traceability and localization in the processes of the supply chain. It allows us to control in real time the product and the location, as well as all the costs. The captured data can be modified indefinitely and can be viewed from any platform (ERP, PC, tablet, PDA, mobile).


Machinery management

The management module for the maintenance of the machinery that our ERP IOCárnicas incorporates aims to achieve a greater degree of reliability in all the machinery of a company (equipment, machines, installations, etc.). This module implemented in the management of slaughterhouses provides significant tools for the development of preventive and corrective maintenance. Several things are sought in the meat industry: To increase the availability of production equipment, optimize human resources, reduce maintenance costs, improve quality, safety and profitability.


Our ERP software incorporates the HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) module based on Microsoft SharePoint technology. It is used for the implementation, management and documentation of the Food Safety Control System (HACCP - or Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points). This module for the management of sausages tries to carry out a correct management of food safety in the meat company. It also serves to keep the self-control system up to date for future health inspections.


Quality management

Our quality module (Quality) of our IOCárnicas ERP software, includes the balance between quality, productivity and profitability, allows you to manage processes and activities, is the perfect solution to manage quality systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, CE Market, EFQM.. It facilitates document management in the meat industry, always offering up-to-date and accessible information for you and your customers from any device with an internet connection.

Warehouses and logistics

The warehouse and logistics module of our ERP software incorporates all the functionalities that a company in the meat sector needs to manage, store, control, inventory, transit and easily identify all products. The warehouse and logistics module of our ERP software, It incorporates all the functionalities that a company in the meat sector needs to manage, store, control, inventory, transit and easily identify all products.

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