ERP Software for Ham management

Our software for ham production management includes a series of processes and phases necessary for this meat sector. The companies that produce hams, regardless of their size, have in our IOCárnicas ERP software system a fully integrated solution. Comes with all the precise functionalities, based on Microsoft Dynamics NAV technology.

ERP functionalities for ham management

The management functions for the production of hams entail very specific processes that must be followed to obtain a final product of good quality. The whole process begins with the reception of the hams, which in this case comes from the cutting rooms. Next, a series of processes are necessary to treat the pieces to achieve optimal drying according to the quality we want for our cured ham.

The entire process can be controlled with RFID technology (Radio Frequency Identification), piece by piece, we must not forget that traceability in this type of product is very important. Controlling the stock, the amount of product in the chamber, the count of pieces and the loss that occurs during the drying process, all of that is contemplated in our ERP IOCárnicas software.

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The process of receiving the raw pieces for the production of hams begins with the classification. This can be distinguished by part type and part weight range. Our management software for hams allows you to automate this process and record the information directly in the management system.

It is worth noting the importance of quality control of the product received. IOCárnicasincorporates the control for the approval of meat suppliers that supply us with raw materials. This control makes the management more agile and reliable and determines the return or not to the supplier. This entire return process is contemplated in our ERP.

The reception and classification of the pieces for the elaboration of hams must be carried out on the dock itself. For this, special temperature and treatment conditions must be met. These conditions are specified by the IFS quality regulations, or the BRC regulations for handling the product. IOCárnicas contemplates these regulations.


The most outstanding production processes for the management of hams are: classification, salting, washing and drying.

The process begins with the classification of the hams received. First a product category is assigned. Next, the plant proceeds to the salting phase, salting, to leave the hams ready for the next production phase.

The washing-brushing phase removes salt residues from the surface. It also achieves the homogeneous distribution of salt inside at rest.

The final process of ham production begins with the management of drying and maturation. This consists of obtaining a gradual dehydration of the piece, until the desired point is achieved, depending on the quality we want to obtain.

All the phases and processes of ham production, up to the final piece, are contemplated in our meat management software for Hams.

In our latest version, a waste management and control system has been implemented.

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In the commercial management of the food sector, which includes the meat sector, and more specifically the production of hams, the treatment of discounts, promotions, offers, rappels and other commercial needs is common. Our ERP for ham management includes all these needs with maximum flexibility.

IOCárnicas has developed a specific module for commercial management. It deals with all these needs with the possibility of parameterizing them by the user. Some of the features in the ham solution are:

  • Special waterfall or online discounts
  • Calculation of commissions per kilos or amounts
  • Special promotions with the option of delivery of an additional product different from the product in promotion
  • 3 for 1 offers
  • Rappels by consumption: being able to assign a start and end date in all the options.


The shipment management of our IOCárnicassoftware considers the shipment as a set of treatments. The ham identification system proposed by the regulations is related to the quality of the hams.

The process of sending hams (and specifically Iberian hams) requires specific controls. Some controls that our management software for hams incorporates. The hams must be identified with a type of brand to determine the quality of the ham, according to the color of the identification, and thus avoid any problems for customers. A return of these products can be very expensive and cause deterioration of the same.

There is also a problem of labeling for the identification in some cases of superior quality hams. Labeling in these cases has to be done one by one and include information. For example: origin, drying time, and other values necessary for the final consumer. Our ERP software for hams is responsible for covering these needs.

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packaging and palletizing meat industry
Waste management and green point in the meat industry

Packaging and palletizing management

Palletizing in the productive industries is a key part of the chain, and in the meat industry it is no different.
We incorporate a system for the management of palletization and packaging, for the different types of products, according to their sizes, to optimize space, reduce loading and unloading time, and for greater efficiency in transport.
We also have incorporated the packaging control system, whether they are our own or external.

Waste and green point management

Waste management for companies in the meat industry deals with the fees to be included in the billing of products according to the waste law for the product.

Likewise, the green point management is incorporated. The cost of the green point responds to the costs of managing the packaging waste.


As improvements in the latest version of IOCárnicas for ham production management, there are the following features:

  • Control of operators and resources: Tool for entry of times of operators and various resources.
  • Incident control: Incident input and recording system, for subsequent analysis and control.


Our ham management ERP software incorporates a series of professional modules that perfectly cover the specific needs of meat management. All of them make our IOCárnicas software one of the most complete management programs.

Data analysis and business control

The data analysis module of our meat management software provides a complete vision of the company. This allows knowing and understanding the business to make better business decisions. This module implemented in sausage management helps to identify weak points, correct and warn of unforeseen events that your company may have.

Radiofrequency (RFID)

The Radio Frequency (RFID) module implemented in the management of sausages, allows complete identification, traceability and location in the supply chain processes. It allows us to control in real time the product, the location as well as all the costs. The captured data can be modified indefinitely and can be viewed from any platform (ERP, PC, tablet, PDA, mobile).

Machinery management

The management module for the maintenance of the machinery that our ERP IOCárnicas incorporates aims to achieve a greater degree of reliability in all the machinery of a company (equipment, machines, installations, etc.). This module implemented in the management of slaughterhouses provides significant tools for the development of preventive and corrective maintenance. In the meat industry, the aim is to increase the availability of production equipment, optimize human resources, reduce maintenance costs, improve quality, safety and profitability.


Our ERP software incorporates the HACCP module (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) based on Microsoft SharePoint technology for the implementation, management and documentation of the Food Safety Control System (HACCP). This module for the management of sausages tries to carry out a correct management of food safety in the meat company and to keep the self-control system up to date for future health inspections.

Quality management

The quality module (Quality) of our IOCárnicas ERP software, includes the balance between quality, productivity and profitability, allows you to manage processes and activities, is the perfect solution to manage quality systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, CE Market, EFQM.. It facilitates document management in the meat industry, always offering up-to-date and accessible information for you and your customers from any device with an internet connection.

Warehouses and logistics

The warehouse and logistics module of our ERP software incorporates all the functionalities that a company in the meat sector needs to manage, store, control, inventory, transit and easily identify all products. The warehouse and logistics module of our ERP software incorporates all the functionalities that a company in the meat sector needs. With this, all products can be easily managed, stored, controlled, inventoried, transited and identified.

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