Management software FOOD TRACEABILITY

Our management software for food traceability, is specially designed for the traceability of the meat sector as slaughterhouses, cutting rooms and sausage factories. It allows to obtain the trace left by the products when going through the internal processes.

Software for internal and external traceability management.

Having a reliable and verifiable complete traceability management software is vital to comply with the new regulatory requirements demanded by international food safety organizations.

To satisfy the most demanding markets and export, it is very important to be able to offer the complete information and quickly to the buyers, and for that, it must have a complete traceability software system, agile in handling large volumes of data and integrated with the rest of the ERP application of the company.

IOCárnicas offers you to implement this traceability system that will help you meet the food safety requirements of the markets, identify efficiency improvements in logistics management, supplies and productivity increases.

Our food traceability program allows us to know the history, location and trajectory of a product or batch of products along the supply chain.

In addition, we record the trace of the products along the supply chain, whether internal or external, package them and prepare them to be properly managed.

The internal traceability allows us to obtain the trace left by the products when going through the internal processes of the company: composition, manipulations, machinery used, shift, temperature, etc. The traceability software must record and manage all the data in an agile way.

The external traceability results from externalizing the data of the internal trace and adding a series of additional data, such as packaging, temperature changes, among others.

Software trazabilidad alimentaria


Food safety is the responsibility of all the factors that intervene in the food chain: producers, manufacturers, logistics operators, transporters, traders and consumers.

The safety and quality of food products should be based on a Global and Integrated Approach, throughout the entire food chain (“from farm to fork”).

  1. Primary Production: Primary production is the first link in this chain and corresponds to the breeding, production or cultivation of the products of the land, hunting and fishing; that is, the “raw material”.
  2. Food industry: preparation or manufacture of a food from the raw material that comes from primary production.
  3. Marketing or sale: acquisition in stores, supermarkets or hypermarkets of the food prepared by the industry.
  4. Consumers: it is the last link in the food chain and also shares responsibilities.

Traceability software integrated in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

IOCárnicas is a complete ERP system specially designed for the management of the meat sector, which incorporates software for the management of food traceability for the meat sector.

Fully integrated in the Microsoft Dynamics NAV ERP system and specially designed for the traceability of the meat sector such as slaughterhouses, cutting plants and sausage factories.


RFID applied to the Food Traceability Software

The RFID applied to the traceability software represents not having to scan the barcodes manually, so there is an increase in the speed and agility of the entire system.

The RFID allows compliance with the regulatory requirements of the institutions in terms of traceability, but also shortens the delivery time and facilitates the reduction of stocks.

The ERP IOcarnicas incorporates a traceability software that allows to use RFID to register the traceability of the products along the supply chain.

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What data should the traceability software register?

For the traceability software to record the trace of a product, we will look at its capacity to reconstruct the history.
Therefore we must know in real time the following data