Digital Kit
Aid for the digitization of companies

What is the Digital Kit program?

The Digital Kit is an initiative of the Government of Spain,   based on European economic recovery funds. Its objective is to subsidize the implementation of digital solutions available on the market to achieve a significant advance in the level of digital maturity.

The digital solutions provided by this initiative are aimed at the needs of small businesses, micro-businesses and self-employed workers, belonging to any sector or type of business.

With a total of up to 12,000€ (depending on the size of the company) you can choose one or several types of products, each one valued with a quantity, until reaching the sum of said quantity.

It should also be clarified that the maximum amount of 12,000€ would go to companies with 10 to 49 workers. If your company has 3 to 10 workers, then this amount of aid would be reduced to 6,000€. And micro-enterprises that range from 1 to 3 workers, the amount would be 2,000€.

Segment 1 – From 10 to 49 employees – Official request starting from March 15th
(Ongoing, until the end of September)

Segment 2 – From 3 to 9 workers – Official request starting from September 2nd (after some delays)

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Request NOW more information on how to obtain our subsidized software thanks to the digital kit


Our software is an ERP made to measure for companies in the meat sector. It is a comprehensive solution for the management of these companies. Within it we find the following modules or sections that can be financed by the Digital Kit aid program.

This implementation can be carried out through our official Digitizing Agents, and also through our distributors throughout Spain.

Customer and supplier management

Sales and Marketing Management Module
Purchase and Procurement Management Module

Business intelligence and analytics

Data analysis and business control
Financial management module

Process management

Warehouse and Logistics Management
Quality management module
Machinery Management System
HACCP module

Starting at 1.000 €

Other digital solutions not related to meat industry, but they are still generic for all types of companies and sectors, and can be carried out through our Digitizing Agents. More information clicking at the symbol.

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