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blockchain mejora genética cerdos

Blockchain project to improve pork genetics Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: The innovative “Genchain” project, which uses blockchain to improve pork

industria cárnica 5.0

Meat Industry 5.0

Meat Industry 5.0 Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: The meat industry 5.0 could start to become a reality soon on a

Comision Europea materiales contacto alimentos

The EC studies reviewing materials in contact with food Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: The European Commission (EC) launches the public

ukraine global food crisis

Call to action against the global food crisis Leaders of various international organizations call for urgent and forceful action to deal with

Machine learning meat industry

Machine Learning (in the meat industry): Decision making without employees Machine learning is a methodology of data processing that allows the organization’s

Quality management in the meat sector

Quality management in the meat sector In the meat sector, it is essential to have good management of the quality of our

Improve meat sector productivity

Productivity in the meat sector The world of the meat sector and its industry, is a sub-sector that belongs to the agri-food

IOCárnicas news and updates 2022

Advancement about updates of the ERP system IOCárnicas of 2022 Soon we will publish a series of updates and news regarding IOCárnicas

Food inflation April 2022

Very high inflation in food, registered in April 2022 This past April 2022, the expected figures for inflation in the indicators, and

Analytics and data analysis Business Intelligence Power BI meat industry

Data Analysis and Business Intelligence for the Meat Industry In the current era, in which the consumer is the central axis of

IFFA 2022 fair

IFFA 2022 Fair – What to expect and what it will bring IFFA 2022, the international fair specialized in the meat industry,

Puerto Shanghai china covid carnicas

Meat exports to China, in difficulties due to COVID China continues with groundhog day for the COVID issue. This means, among many

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