Software ERP for management of meat cutting plants

Our management software for meat cutting plants offers the entire necessary process, from the beginning of the reception of the channels to its objective, which is to obtain the final product or by-products that we will deliver to customers.

ERP functionalities for the management of meat cutting plants

The functionality of the module for the management of meat cutting plants of our ERP IOCárnicas, allows us to differentiate the cutting or sampling depending on the type of animal (pig, cattle, goat or poultry).

During the reception of the carcasses, a first quality control is carried out, contemplated in our management software, which will allow us to accept or reject the product received. These channels will come with an informed traceability, this data can come from another computer system and can be incorporated directly and without problems into our management system.

Traceability throughout the process and until the final product is obtained must be informed and delivered to the client with all the information of origin and quality control guarantees.



For the process of managing the reception of carcasses in meat cutting plants, it’s very important to control some quality parameters that our management software covers. All material received is recorded with: information on origin, weight, quality control and condition. IOCárnicas allows a more detailed control of the carcasses, using a “quarantine” warehouse that allows the product to be stored until all quality controls are passed.

Once the quarantine has passed, all the product can be identified by an electronic radio frequency identification system, RFID. It can also be identified by a special labeling system for this type of meat product. All meat identification options for cutting plants are covered by our ERP for cutting plants management.

In the case of cattle, the information that reaches us comes from the “ear tag” and allows us to continue using this system. In the cases of pork, goats or other animals, the control system can be globalized per item.


The management of the cutting process is the next step to be carried out once the quality controls have been passed.

The cutting room management software allows a sampling depending on the animal and the needs of the clients. In the meat industry, we can have different samplings for the same animal. These samplings can have different by-products at the same time and an approximation of possible kilos can be obtained once the cutting is finished.

Throughout the cutting process, IOCárnicas controls the traceability for obtaining the by-products and their origin.

Our ERP also incorporates quality management and critical point control, called HACCP.


Management of final product shipments

In the meat industry, the management of final product shipments has to be agile and fast.

Once the process of butchering the animal has been carried out, fresh by-products are obtained. In the meat industry it is possible to freeze the final product.

At IOCárnicas we have automation processes for the shipment of meat products, these define distribution routes, grouping of delivery notes, generation of loading orders and other processes that speed up their delivery to the final customer for sale.

In the meat industry it is very important that shipments of meat products can be guaranteed, being necessary a delivery with the maximum benefits, for this a transport system with a guarantee of quality and conservation is required, and that the delivery of the meat product done in record time.



Our meat cutting plants management software incorporates a series of professional modules that perfectly cover the specific needs of meat management. All of them make our IOCárnicas ERP software one of the most complete software for meat cutting plants.

Data analysis and business control

The data analysis module of our meat management software provides a complete vision of the company and allows knowing and understanding the business to make better business decisions. This module implemented in the management of sausages helps to identify weak points, correct and alert of unforeseen events that your company may have.

Radio frequency (RFID)

The Radio Frequency (RFID) module implemented in the management of sausages, allows complete identification, traceability and location in the supply chain processes. It allows us to control in real time the product, the location as well as all the costs. The captured data can be modified indefinitely and can be viewed from any platform (ERP, PC, tablet, PDA, mobile).

Machinery management

IOCárnicas also incorporates a management module that seeks to achieve a higher degree of reliability in all the machinery of a company (equipment, machines, installations, etc.). This module implemented in the management of slaughterhouses provides significant tools for the development of preventive and corrective maintenance. In the meat industry, the aim is to increase the availability of production equipment, optimize human resources, reduce maintenance costs, improve quality, safety and profitability.

HACCP meat industry

Our ERP software incorporates the HACCP module (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) based on Microsoft SharePoint technology for the implementation, management and documentation of the Food Safety Control System (HACCP). This module for the management of sausages tries to carry out a correct management of food safety in the meat company and to keep the self-control system up to date for future health inspections.

Quality management

The quality module (Quality) of our IOCárnicas ERP software, includes the balance between quality, productivity and profitability, allows you to manage processes and activities, is the perfect solution to manage quality systems, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001, CE market, EFQM... It facilitates document management in the meat industry, always offering up-to-date and accessible information for you and your customers from any device with an internet connection.

Warehouses and logistics

Finally, the warehouse and logistics module of our ERP software. It incorporates all the functionalities that a company in the meat sector needs to manage, store, control, inventory, transit and easily identify all products.

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