Blockchain project to improve pork genetics

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The innovative “Genchain” project, which uses blockchain to improve pork genetics, aided by RFID, has been successfully carried out.

Innovative project

The project carried out brings together important technological concepts such as Blockchain, traceability, relational databases, a secure publication center together with the treatment of piglet genetics. Project subsidized with European funds and belonging to the AEI Cluster.

Benefits it brings

The benefits that this project has brought to the beneficiary company are the following:
  • Automation of the records of vaccination, birth, death… of each kermes oak. Within a batch or group. To control all the records and all the data, Blockchain technology is used to guarantee the day/time/user that has made each movement capture.
  • Obtaining very relevant statistical data within the life of the piglets with the aim of improving productivity, lowering costs of vaccine products… and consequently having more genetically prepared individuals.
blockchain genetic improvement pork

Structure and operation

In the pork rearing chain, by batches or by groups of animals, all the rearing processes carried out are recorded; each batch or group will make variations in the process. And in this way, a database in the blockchain system is obtained that is immovable, and statistics that allow us to clearly know which processes to maintain and which can be discarded.
The system also has an API so that clients can make traceability queries externally, and others. Being a Blockchain system, the data is unquestionably guaranteed.

Estructura blockchain genética de cerdos industria cárnica

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