The EC studies reviewing materials in contact with food

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The European Commission (EC) launches the public consultation on the review of the legislation on materials in contact with food

Food safety and public health

Taking into account the results of these consultations, it is intended to improve food safety and public health, support the use of innovative and sustainable packaging solutions that use ecological, reusable and recyclable materials, and contribute to the reduction of food waste.
These actions are complemented by other key strategies implemented at European level, such as the Action Plan for the Circular Economy and the Chemical Substances Sustainability Strategy towards a toxic-free environment.

Objective group

The target group includes manufacturers, importers, distributors and other companies, including SMEs, consumer and industry associations, conformity assessment bodies, non-governmental organisations, as well as Member State authorities, including control bodies. It is necessary to have some experience and knowledge in the regulatory field of materials in contact with food.

Citizens as main stakeholders

Aimed at citizens: The EC has formulated questions addressed to all citizens such as consumers of food in food containers and users of kitchen utensils and crockery such as plates, cutlery, cups and glasses, pans, storage containers, aluminum foil and film wrappers (transparent films), as well as appliances such as refrigerators and other items that may come into contact with food (for example, napkins). No knowledge of food contact materials (FCM) or legislation is required.

The deadline for submitting comments is January 11, 2023.

European Comission materials in contact with food

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