Productivity in the meat sector

The world of the meat sector and its industry, is a sub-sector that belongs to the agri-food sector, and accounts for almost 20% of the total turnover of said sector. It is a very competitive sub-sector and contributes a large part of Spanish exports in the food sector. It is vital to make constant efforts to improve productivity.

Productivity in this sector is absolutely essential to maintain and improve our advantage in the foreign market against the powerful foreign industries that are positioning their product in the global market.

Improve meat sector productivity

Improve the productivity of the meat sector

The challenge to consolidate and improve is PRODUCTIVITY in the sector using tools and methodologies that allow us to produce with higher quality and at a lower cost.

Does our supplier meet the required quality standards?

The technological solutions that provide this additional value to improve productivity are:

  • Intelligent identification systems: barcode readers, RFID systems, tag systems, etc.
  • Connections of equipment such as scales and labelers that improve process automation.
  • Automatic controls and information flows for quality control.
  • Control of batches and expirations with mobile systems.
  • Connections with temperature recording systems.
  • Telematic connections (both for management documents and for traceability monitoring) with customers and suppliers to reduce response and supply times.

Solutions for productivity improvement

All these solutions, which some companies are already using at the moment, must be complemented by an internationally renowned management system such as Microsoft Dynamics. Here the specific customization for meat industries, IOCárnicas, is added. This state-of-the-art system will allow you to implement all these features and many others. It will also provide you with immediate added value and will allow you to achieve greater productivity in your business, very quickly and intuitively. A few hours of training is also included for employees and their team members to learn how to use the system.

Contact us and we will provide you with the closest distributor to your company. That distributor will be able to help you study the most suitable solutions for your business.

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