Advancement about updates of the ERP system IOCárnicas of 2022

Soon we will publish a series of updates and news regarding IOCárnicas for the year 2022. Here we bring you a preview as a summary.

New features regarding the production process

In this section there are two fundamental improvements.
The first would be the “palletization” management system. According to the volume of the products, their containers, and their boxes, the type of palletization can now be calculated and assigned, also according to the size of the pallet and its volume and height.
The second one is an improvement in the control of operator actions in the production process. The time entries of said operators are better controlled, and an improvement in the control of resources.

More and better information about the products

Work has been done to improve and expand product information, in terms of quality management:
-Controls of temperature, PH, humidity, analysis controls, and retention of defective batches. All of this is vital both to control what is produced and to optimize the loss of raw materials.
The technical file has also been expanded, being able to add data such as:
-Ingredients, nutritional values, biological parameters, or packaging data.

ERP management system for Halal meat products

Thanks to our experience working with meat companies that make Halal products for the Islamic market, we can contribute our knowledge about the needs of this market niche.
Halal meat, unlike common European/Western meat, comes from animals that are slaughtered in a single cut to achieve greater drainage.

IOCárnicas news and updates 2022

For more information on the world of meat, follow the activity of IOCárnicas carefully. We will be posting the latest relevant news from the sector.


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Meat Industry 5.0

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