Data Analysis and Business Intelligence for the Meat Industry

In the current era, in which the consumer is the central axis of any strategy, Business Intelligence is presented as a key tool to optimize the meat industry in all aspects and thus meet the highest possible demands.

Meat Industry 4.0 and its future

We have been hearing for some time about the change in the type of consumer and what this means and will mean for the meat sector. A much more demanding consumer, much more aware of the environment, the quality of service, food safety and animal treatment.

Influencing the transformation of the meat sector towards an industry 4.0. An industry in which new technologies will ensure the continuity and evolution of this sector. With smart, digitized factories, connected devices in all processes, virtualization and analytics. The latter being one of the tools capable of intelligently offering the amount of data, and its organization, that is collected in any process. And assuming a revolution in food safety to diagnose possible adjustments, improvement actions and find trends to take advantage of them.

The data and statistics are incontestable

This is why business analytics and intelligence is positioned as a primary tool to adapt and evolve. And create business strategies focused on this new consumer, or even on the old consumer, being able to make adjustments to improve quality and the product, or to reduce costs.

Thanks to the integration of IOCárnicas with Business Intelligence tools, you will be able to analyze and manage data to obtain at all times a vision of what is happening in your company and make decisions oriented to the needs of the client through the internal improvement of processes (quality and food safety).

Analytics and data analysis - Business Intelligence Power BI meat industy

For more information on the world of meat, follow the activity of IOCárnicas carefully. We will be posting the latest relevant news from the sector.


meat industry 5.0

Meat Industry 5.0

Meat Industry 5.0 Published by: Josep Feixas – Share: The meat industry 5.0 could start to become a reality soon on a large scale and

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