IFFA 2022 Fair - What to expect and what it will bring

IFFA 2022, the international fair specialized in the meat industry, which will be held in the coming days in Frankfurt, will bring relevant news in the sector.

What current trends will be seen

The German Fair IFFA in its 2022 edition is going to bring new market trends that are very relevant in our current situation. Logical technological trends, such as automation, digitization, food safety, sustainability, consumer trends…

Digitization and automation

One aspect in which IOCárnicas are experts: A sector like this needs to have a degree of modernization and digitization in keeping with the times. The meat industry, due to its energy consumption and various resources, needs to make a very high optimization of all processes. In this edition, emphasis is placed more than ever on that, in addition to automating certain processes that are not very pleasant for operators to do manually.

Sustainability and new consumer trends

Meatless meat, or vegan meat?
Well, it’s not really a joke and those concepts are here to stay. Which of course are not going to replace meat by any means, but they are new consumer trends that help sustainability and at the same time constitute a kind of “correct” substitute for people who do not eat meat, to be able to experiment and enjoy of vegetable products and alternative proteins with a taste similar to meat


For more information on the world of meat, follow the activity of IOCárnicas carefully. We will be posting the latest relevant news from the sector.


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