Meat exports to China, in difficulties due to COVID

China continues with groundhog day for the COVID issue. This means, among many other things, that meat exports that enter there continue to be quite limited

Zero COVID strategy... Doors to the countryside?

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) remains committed to the zero COVID strategy for its entire country. That means draconian measures in the face of any outbreak.
The question that many experts (and not so experts) ask is… Is it a chimera to continue with that goal? Is it impossible to contain the Omicron variants? Is it worth paralyzing everything for so little lethality? The vast majority doubt it… But the Chinese regime remains in its thirteen.

Shanghai confined... the main port

There is currently the largest outbreak in China to date, in the big city of Shanghai. An outbreak that directly or indirectly affects no less than 25 million people. And Shanghai, in addition to being the largest city in China, is the country’s main seaport.
This causes the entry and exit of goods to be partially paralyzed. As for the entries, especially meat imports, it is still very noticeable, and that directly affects countries that export meat there, such as Spain or Brazil.

For how long?

A big doubt that everyone has is when COVID-19 will still be present, even if it is in the form of very less lethal and harmful variants.
The commercial, supply and export problem (among many other things, meat), has been suffering since the beginning of 2020. More than 2 years later, there is still no full return to normality on the horizon, neither in China nor globally. But there is no misfortune that lasts forever, they say.

Puerto Shanghai china covid carne

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