Quality management in the meat sector

In the meat sector, it is essential to have good management of the quality of our products if we want to be competitive and have a good reputation and reliability as a brand and company. National and international markets require controls that ensure that our product reaches the final consumer with full quality guarantees and in compliance with the regulations established by the countries that are going to consume said product.
To correctly manage quality in our meat company we must ask ourselves some questions…

Have we correctly identified the origin of our raw materials?

  • Does our supplier meet the required quality standards?
  • Do we uniquely identify the input batches?
  • Do we have reception controls and quarantine areas?
  • Does the received product follow any specific control?
  • Do we have established processes for returns in case of products that do not comply with the established regulations?

What is the control established in the manufacturing process?

  • What control points do we have set as mandatory?
  • Do we have a manufacturing order registration system?
  • Do we have an internal quality department?
  • Do we review the regulations frequently?

What identification do we apply to the products we sell?

  • Do we apply a lot identification system and expiration date?
  • Do we have batch information from the time we receive the material to the product we sell?
  • Do we control the batches once they are sent to our clients and record possible incidents?

We can obtain the affirmative answer to all these questions and many more that concern us, by implementing an integrated management system that has all these answers planned and that has well mastered the issue of quality management in the meat sector.

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Quality management in the meat sector

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